Fukushima 2011: 25 years after Chernobyl and 65 years after Hiroshima and Nagasaki

The world is shaken by the catastrophe, which has devastated Japan. As of today, we don’t know yet the full extend of the wave of death and destruction, that has hit Japan, but we can see, that the earthquake and the tsunami have killed tens of thousands of people and have destroyed homes, industries, infrastructure and complete cities.

In the days following the earthquake the global humanity has witnessed, how several big nuclear power plants went out of control. Every major website offers a live-ticker on Fukushima and practically everybody worldwide sees how the systems, that are supposed to cool the nuclear plants that have been switched off after the earthquake, have been destroyed by the tsunami and that this leads to a situation of loss of control. So the whole world is seeing now, what a nuclear power plant is: it is a plant to produce electricity out of a nuclear bomb. The process that is going on inside a nuclear plant is a nuclear chain reaction. When a nuclear reactor is in operation, this nuclear chain reaction is seemingly controlled. But every control is limited, as we can see now, that even the Japanese, who are known to be the biggest “control freaks” on this planet, have not foreseen, what is happening.

The nuclear chain reaction was not developed for the sake of science or to improve life on this planet, but in order to create the deadliest weapon of mass destruction, which man has ever devised. The atomic bomb was created as a weapon against Germany and killed several hundredth of thousands of people in and around Hiroshima and Nagasaki in August 19451. This bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not happen in order to end the war, but it was a demonstration of power from the side of the US and meant to tell to the whole eastern world, that the US are the biggest power on the planet. The emperor in Japan basically is a god and he is associated with the sun. So, if “the sun” is conquered by a deadly fire, this symbolically means: “Our god is stronger than your god.” This was the message, the US sent out to the whole eastern world in 1945.

For Germany, which had already surrendered in May 1945, the US had found a weapon, which served a similar purpose. This weapon was starvation. After 1945 millions of Germans died of starvation, either due to the expulsion from what is now central Europe, or due to shortage of food in Germany or because of the unbearable conditions of the DEF’s and POW’s in the Rhine meadow camps2. These people were not killed during the war, but after Germany had already surrendered, and the message thus sent to the Germans was: “You are not worthy enough to live, we can do with you, whatever we want, whether you understand it or not.”

On these two pillars the American world domination was built after the Second World War.

No wonder, there was no rebellion or only a powerless rebellion, like the rebellion of the youth in the sixties in the West3. Japan has up to now been one of the most devoted allies of the US and also Germany has been up to the war against Iraq such a devoted ally. And this world domination has swept billions of dollars into the hands of a very small elite4.

After Chernobyl the world blamed the Soviet Union and its outdated technology. Now Fukushima is happening in a country that really knows how to handle technology. The Japanese are known for controlling everything, but they did not foresee, what happened.

But we should not blame the Japanese engineers and industrialists. We should blame those, who brought this uncontrollable technology into existence.

The project was called “Manhattan project”5 and its initiator was Leó Szilárd:

“Leó Szilárd (Hungarian: Szilárd Leó, February 11, 1898 – May 30, 1964) was a Jewish Hungarian physicist who conceived the nuclear chain reaction in 1933, patented the idea of a nuclear reactor with Enrico Fermi, and in late 1939 wrote the letter for Albert Einstein’s signature that resulted in the Manhattan Project that built the atomic bomb. He was born in Budapest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, and died in La Jolla, California. …
During 1932, Szilárd had read about the fictional “atomic bombs” described in H. G. Wells’s science fiction novel The World Set Free. This inspired him to be the first scientist to examine seriously the science of the creation of nuclear weapons. As a scientist, he was the first person to conceive of a device that, using a nuclear chain reaction as fuel, could be used as a bomb.”6

The “kick-off meeting” happened in 1939:
“In 1939, President Franklin Roosevelt called on Lyman Briggs of the National Bureau of Standards to head the Advisory Committee on Uranium to investigate the issues raised by the Einstein–Szilárd letter. This warned of the potential development of “extremely powerful bombs of a new type” and urged that the US should take steps to acquire stockpiles of uranium ore and accelerate research being conducted by Enrico Fermi and others into nuclear chain reactions. Briggs held a meeting on 21 October 1939 which was attended by Leo Szilárd, Edward Teller and Eugene Wigner.”7
After the Second World War, that ended with Hiroshima and Nagasaki, came the Cold War. The Soviet Union emerged as a second superpower, but as it was not as powerful as the US, it could do so only by creating its closed part of the world, the “soviet block”. This world of two superpowers ended with the fall of the Berlin wall and an indicator of the approaching end of the soviet block was the nuclear disaster of Chernobyl in 1986.8

Due to this stand-off between the two superpowers during the Cold War, the world was several times on the verge of a nuclear Armageddon. It was Gorbatchev and his “controlled shut-down” of the Soviet Union, who took the energy out of this confrontation between the two greatest nuclear powers. Yet the world has not become safer and nuclear proliferation is de-facto not controllable any more with the biggest threat today being the confrontation between Israel and Iran.

Yet nuclear arms are only one side of the problem. The so-called peaceful civilian use of nuclear energy is nothing, but the other side of the coin. This is clearly demonstrated by the suspicions the world has about the Iranian intentions. They say “its civilian only” and the world does not believe. Why is that so? Because the world knows exactly, that these two sides of the coin belong together.

Civilian use of nuclear energy for the production of electrical energy served multiple purposes. A positive, peaceful image was clearly needed. In addition a lot of research is done on the one side, that helps the other side and, of course, fuel is produced, for the nuclear arms. One could say, civilian use gives an infrastructure to the military use.

It is also interesting to note, that the Japanese, in the spirit of Shintoism, believe, that every machine has something like a soul or an inner centre. Thus they have been able to build the best cars on the planet. So it will be very easy for them to understand, which spirit is living in a nuclear reactor. And, if they do understand this, they will stop to be the devoted allies of the US, the power, who started everything through the Manhattan project.

1 Number of Hiroshima A-bomb victims raised to 541,817 and 1,139 Names Added To Nagasaki A-bomb Victims List (Japan probe)
2 This chapter of Western history has not yet been written. The best accounts are given by Alfred de Zayas and James Bacque.
3 In the sixties in Germany the generation, which was born after the war, rebelled against their fathers, who were too wounded to give them any direction.
4 A good overview of the functioning of this is given in this German dossier: http://www.zeitgeist-online.de/exklusivonline/dossiers-und-analysen/230-das-guttenberg-dossier-teil-1.html
5 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manhattan_Project
6 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leo_Szil%C3%A1rd
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8 So: when will the other superpower collapse?

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